A message from Mrs. Price


Hello.  This is Devona Price, principal at Lake Murray Elementary.  Thank you for a great first week of school.  Please remember that beginning tomorrow all parents are asked to allow your child to walk to his/her class on their own.  If there is a situation where you need to walk down, all adults will be required to sign in with a photo ID.  If you feel like that you need to walk to the classroom, you will need your driver’s license  to sign in at the kiosk.   Please remember that we have adults sign in at the kiosk for the safety and well-being of all children in our building.  Thank you for your cooperation with this safety measure.

This week our students are beginning to review the 7 Habits Leadership skills.  The habit this week is, Habit One-Be Proactive.  Proactive Mariners SHINE each and every day!   These habits help our students become stronger leaders and learners.  We hope you will join us in using the language at home to support the students. 

Also beginning Monday, we will be marking students tardy who are not in their classrooms at 7:40 when the tardy bell rings.  While we realize that mornings are busy, we ask you to allow for extra time to ensure your child can be in class by 7:40.  This helps your child have a much better start to their day in a calm, relaxed manner so they don’t feel rushed.  If your child arrives after 7:40, we will need you to come in with your child and sign him/her in at the kiosk.  Your child will be given a tardy pass to go ahead and enter the building.  However, you will need to sign him/her in as present at the kiosk.  This policy will be enforced for the safety of our students.  Remember, that students are allowed to enter their classrooms at 7:25.  This allows them time with their teacher to make lunch choices,  unpack their bookbag, and be settled before the tardy bell rings. 

We can’t thank you enough for being so positive and patient .  It has truly been a wonderful start  and we have so many more great things in store for you this year!