A Message from Mrs. Price, 8-15-14

Hello.  This is Devona Price, principal at Lake Murray Elementary.  Last night was wonderful!  We were so excited to see all of our students come through the door for Meet and Greet.  As a reminder, the traffic will be hectic the first week of school.  Please leave home early.  The tardy bell rings daily at 7:40.  [We would love for students to be settled in their rooms no later than 7:30.]  As the week progresses we ask that you begin to allow your children to gain independence and walk to class on their own.  Required AM Parent Sign-In will begin on Monday, August 25th for adults who need to speak with a teacher,etc. in the morning time.  Beginning on the 25th and forward, you will need your driver’s license to enter the building.

We also need to remind you to use the main crosswalk in the mornings if you are walking a student across from the parking lot.  This allows us to ensure all students are crossing safely.  No students should be dropped off in the parking lot.  You may come through carline or walk them across the sidewalk.

A couple of other reminders..

Don’t forget that parent orientation for grades 1-5 will be on August 26th. This orientation is a parent only session. You may come from either5:30-6:15 or from 6:15-7:00. If you are a new EAGLE parent [grade 3-5], you will want to join us for EAGLE Orientation at 5:00 in the Learning Commons.

We ask that no adults come to eat lunch with children until after the second week of school. We really need this time to ensure that students learn the procedures and routines.  After week two, we welcome you to visit with us for lunch.  We have parent tables available where you may eat with your child.  We do ask that you eat only with your child.  We do not allow adults to eat with any child other than their own.

What a busy and exciting time at Lake Murray! We are thrilled to begin our 14-15 year.  It is going to be great!