A Message from Mrs. Price, 8-24-15

Hello!  This is Devona Price- principal at LME.

We had a great first week, and I am very proud of the students who were walking in all on their own today.  If you need help tomorrow with your child, that is what we are here for.  We will be glad to help get them to their classroom so that they can build independence.  BRAVO!

As you know the morning and afternoon carline is hectic.  There simply are a lot of cars trying to drop off and pick up at the same time.  Remember that the bus loop is open in the mornings.  Today it was empty while the other line was pretty backed up. There are adults there to assist children just as there are at the main entrance.  This may help ease the traffic some if you will take advantage of that location in the mornings. You are doing a great job arriving before 7:40— even with traffic—keep it up!

In the afternoons, we move as quickly as we can.  You have to remember that we are safely dismissing over 675 students in roughly 20 minutes.  That’s pretty good.  So, please be patient with us and with each other.  It’s a big responsibility and safety is our first concern.

Finally, if you are a parent of a 2nd-5th grade student, I hope you have on your calendar to attend our Parent Orientation on Thursday, Aug. 27th at either 5:30 or 6:15.  These are repeated sessions in case you have more than one child.  So, you do not need to attend both.  We do ask that these are parent only sessions if possible so that we can move through the material quickly and allow you to ask any questions you might have.
Thank you for all that you do.  We have truly had a wonderful start, and we know it is going to be an amazing year.