A Message from Mrs. Price, 8-25-15

This is Devona Price- principal at Lake Murray.

Great job using the bus loop to enter the building this morning! J  I can see that it helped to ease traffic some in the front.  However, please remember that we must use the same safety procedures.  Do not pass other cars in the line.  Also, please do not drop off students in the grassy area.  Wait until you are at the sidewalk– and just like out front–pull up as far as you can.  The bus loop doors are locked at 7:40 so if you do not see adults out there, do not drop off your child.  Pull to the front and sign your child in.

We are having problems with students arriving before 7:00am.  Please remember that teacher duty doesn’t start until 7:00.  Since it is the first two weeks of school, our staff have been here early.  However, their duty isn’t until 7:00am and the front doors are locked until then.  We want students to be safe and monitored.  So, please do not drop off students at school before 7:00am.
Reminder: Parents of 2nd-5th grade students-Parent Orientation on Thursday, Aug. 27th at either 5:30 or 6:15.  These are repeat sessions for families with more than one child.  So, you do not need to attend both.  We ask that these are parent only sessions if possible so that we can move through the material quickly and allow you to ask any questions you might have.