A Message from Mrs. Price, 8-28-15

This is Devona Price- principal at Lake Murray.

It was such a treat to see many of our 2nd-5th grade parents at Parent Orientation last night.  I hope you received valuable information about your child’s class.

This week students have been doing a super job walking to class on their own.  Staff members are positioned throughout the building.  I am so proud of them.  Keep up the great work!

Carline- We are getting there!  Please make sure that you are not using your cellphone in the carline.  As you know when dealing with children, they can sometimes do unexpected things. That is why we must have everyone’s eyes on where children are.  Please do not use your phone so that your attention can be on your child and the other children in the surrounding area.

In the afternoon carline, it is essential that once we have you stopped to load children that you put your car in park and do not “inch” up.  Your child may be in the car, but others may still be loading.  Please do not move until the entire line begins to move.

If you have a child in grades 3-5 that is currently not on a leadership team and is interested in serving on the Lake Murray Student Council, there will be an interest meeting next Thursday at 7:00am in the Learning Commons.  We hope to see some great leaders!
Also, on Friday September 4th we are having our LME Volunteer Orientation in the Learning Commons at 8:00.  There are always things to do and we welcome your talents.  Copying, reading to a student, cutting out materials… there is something for everyone.  The PTA will have meeting afterwards at 8:30am for anyone interested in serving through the PTA as well.  We hope to see you there!


Week 2 has been amazing.  Teachers are teaching, students are learning, and we have many exciting events to go this year.  We look forward to a great partnership!