Relay for Life Campaign by Lake Murray Live! News Team

“The Lake Murray Live! news team will be accepting donations in the school lobby during the month of December.  All money raised will be given to our Relay for Life Campaign.  In return, our principals have agreed to being “slimed” on our live TV broadcast on December 18th if the following goals are met:
$200 raised  –  Mr. Livingston will get slimed.
$300 raised  –  Mrs. McCray gets slimed.
$400 raised  –  Mrs. Price will get slimed.
Students who wish to contribute to this fundraising campaign can bring their dollars, nickels, quarters, dimes, or pennies any morning between7:00 and 7:30.  Members of the news team will be standing at a special table set up in the lobby.  So, “Bring us your dollars and dimes to see the principals get slimed!”