Faculty and Staff

LMES Faculty & Staff Directory


Jennifer Stanley,  Principal – jstanley@lexington1.net
Tim Livingston, Assistant Principal – tlivingston@lexington1.net
Leisa Clamp, Assistant Principal – lclamp@lexington1.net

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Kindergarten Teachers:

Susan Drozd- sdrozd@lexington1.net
Erica Hardin- ehardin@lexington1.net
Beth Norton- bnorton@lexington1.net
Mira Stogner- mstogner@lexington1.net
Blair Wells- bwells@lexington1.net


1st Grade Teachers:

Ashlyn Ancone- aacone@lexington1.net
Hillarie Collins- hcollins@lexington1.net
Meghan Free- mfree@lexington1.net
Barbra Hubbard- bhubbard@lexington1.net
Jenni Smith- jnsmith@lexington1.net

2nd Grade Teachers:

Tanya Floyd- tfloyd@lexington1.net
Ginger Rude- vrude@lexington1.net
Christine Shuman- cshuman@lexington1.net
Cassie Stone- cstone@lexington1.net
Kristen Werdunn- kwerdunn@lexington1.net

3rd Grade Teachers:

Paula Clubb- pclubb@lexington1.net
Amanda Kneece- akneece@lexington1.net
Mary Lambert- mlambert@lexington1.net
Paulette Norris- pnorris@lexington1.net
Trina Reed- creed@lexington1.net

4th Grade Teachers:

Gail Harries- gharries@lexington1.net
Tricia Huff- thuff@lexington1.net
Ashley Kendall- akendall@lexington1.net
Kim Nunnery- knunnery@lexington1.net
Katie Silvanic- ksilvanic@lexington1.net

5th Grade Teachers:

Nicole Dennis- kdennis@lexington1.net
Gina Rawl- grawl@lexington1.net
Ashleigh Ringus- aringus@lexington1.net
Hannah Wehrmann- hwehrmann@lexington1.net
Heidi Woolbright- hwoolbright@lexington1.net

Related Arts:

Elizabeth Clonts (Art)- eclonts@lexington1.net
Maria Hood (Spanish)- mhood@lexington1.net
Todd Long (PE)- tlong@lexington1.net
Max McKeown (PE)- mmckeown@lexington1.net
Amy Shealy (Music)- dshealy@lexington1.net

Instructional Support Team:

Nan Ocheltree (School Librarian)- nocheltree@lexington1.net
Lynn Buchanan (Librarian Assistant)- lbuchanan@lexington1.net

Office Staff:

Sonja Ash (Secretary) sash@lexington1.net
Karen Elia (Secretary Assistant) kelia@lexington1.net
Paula Gardner (Student Record Operator) pgardner@lexington1.net
Michelle Green (Executive Secretary) mgreen@lexington1.net
Brandi Lindler (Secretary Assistant) blindler@lexington1.net
Angie Prince (Secretary Assistant) aprince@lexington1.net

Special Services:

Paul Blackburn (Speech .6) pblackburn@lexington1.net
Ashley Caughman (Physical Therapy) acaghman@lexington1.net
Aletha Corley (Cross Cat 3) acorley@lexington1.net
Kenzie Foerster (Psychologist) kfoerster@lexington1.net
Cindy Funderburk (Preschool Resources) cfunderburk@lexington1.net
Katy Handell (3/4 DD High Support) khandell@lexington1.net
Tracy Mann (Resource) tmann@lexington1.net
Shannon Medlin (Speech.8) smedlin@lexington1.net
Christy Peters (3/4 DD Mod. Support) cpeters@lexington1.net
Jessica Potts (Resource) jpotts@lexington1.net
Rhonda Snelgrove (Speech, Preschool) rsnelgrove@lexington1.net
Jami Strickland (Physical Therapy) jstrickland@lexington1.net
Morgan Tolley (Preschool Psychologist) mtolley@lexington1.net
Lauren Turbeville (Occupational Therapy) lturbeville@lexington1.net
Carolyn Weed (4k) cweed@lexington1.net

Special Areas:

Jennifer Berry (Math Coach) jberry@lexington1.net
Chris Brown (ESOL .4) clbrown@lexington1.net
Carrie Carroll (Interventionist) ccarroll@lexington1.net
Julie Gies (Guidance) jgies@lexington1.net
Wayne Hale (Technology) whale@lexington1.net


Rachel Norberg (Computer Lab)
Vivien Bart (Health Room Assistant)
Tammy Barton (K-5 Assistant)
Dori Boatwright (Preschool Assistant)
Cindy Howlett (Preschool Assistant)
Janet kendall ( K-5 Assistant)
Mandy Lane (4CD Assistant)
Amber Lee (Instructional Assistant)
Debra Lipp (Preschool Assistant)
racy Rouillard (Preschool Assistant)
Laura Rowell (K-5 Assistant)
Lindsay Shearer (K-5 Assistant)
Jennifer Steele (CC3 Assistant)
Karen Turner (CC3 Assistant)
Alyssa Watson (K-5 Assistant)
Stephanie Wingard (CC3 Assistant)

LES Food Services/Cafeteria:

Rebecca Boone (Food Service Manager)
Gay Byrd (Food Services Operator)
Katie Anderson (Cashier)

Custodial Staff:

Teresa Williams (Head Custodian)
Matt White (Assistant Custodian)
Doristine Coleman (Housekeeper)
Pearl Collum (Housekeeper)
Mya Kyzer (Housekeeper)
Gale Sharperson (Housekeeper)
Aracelis Rodrigues (Housekeeper)

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